Digital Treatment Planning and Surgical Stents

A surgical stent is an acrylic device that fits over the teeth and gingiva to guide the surgeon precisely where to place dental implants for and optimal restorative outcome. Our CAD/CAM team designs these to your exact specifications Our surgical stents are milled from clear PMMA material.

3D Dental Printing

What is 3D Dental Printing? 3D dental printing is a manufacturing process that involves using highly accurate 3D printers to fabricate dental models from intraoral scans or impressions.  At Smart Design Dental, we use the dental models to make dental appliances and restorations. In fact, some appliances you would not consider, like night guards, TMJ […]

Straight28™ (Clear Orthodontic Aligners)

For years Orthodontists and General Dentists have paid the 1st generation aligner companies thousands to fabricate clear aligners. With advances in intraoral scanning, planning software and 3D printing we have developed an equally effective and more affordable solution!  Partnering with Smart Designs will give you an edge when catering to the needs of your patients […]

Orthodontic Appliances

Smart Designs Dental of Cumming, GA has quickly become a leader in producing orthodontic appliances in the Southeast. What makes us superior to many other labs is our ability to fabricate nearly any appliance you need, following your precise instructions, that fit and function as you would expect consistently. Our customer service is second-to-none. We […]

Crown and Bridge

The bread and butter of dentistry! We are skilled at working with most materials and will deliver great-fitting prosthetics to your specifications. We can accept your impressions or email a .stl file to FULL CAST CROWN AND BRIDGE PFM CROWN AND BRIDGE ALL CERAMIC RESTORATIONS IMPLANT RESTORATIONS