Orthodontic Appliances

Smart Designs Dental of Cumming, GA has quickly become a leader in producing orthodontic appliances in the Southeast. What makes us superior to many other labs is our ability to fabricate nearly any appliance you need, following your precise instructions, that fit and function as you would expect consistently.

Our customer service is second-to-none. We will fabricate the appliance to your exact specifications, and/or our experienced design technicians will work with you to create an appliance that will provide the function you expect. We fabricate everything from basic retainers, habit appliances, indirect bonding stents, athletic mouthguards, space maintainers, appliances for arch development and functional appliances.  If you don’t see it here, just ask!

For those who are looking for a better and more affordable solution than Invisalign for Clear Aligner treatment, we custom fabricate Smart Aligners using the exact design software and 3D printing technology as large commercial clear aligner companies. All we need are PVS impressions or intraoral scans, orthodontic photographs and a completed prescription and we will deliver a full set of aligners for your patient at a fraction of the cost.

We find that those who are certified to provide Invisalign prefer our aligners because the cost savings are significant, but we also have a large number of Doctors who have not tried Clear Aligner treatment because they have never completed the certification process. Why lose the potential income in your practice?

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