Straight28™ (Clear Orthodontic Aligners)

For years Orthodontists and General Dentists have paid the 1st generation aligner companies thousands to fabricate clear aligners. With advances in intraoral scanning, planning software and 3D printing we have developed an equally effective and more affordable solution!  Partnering with Smart Designs will give you an edge when catering to the needs of your patients including our Straight28™ digital clear aligners for teeth that need improvement in their position.

Smart Designs has the expertise and utilizes the latest technology to help your practice reach its full potential when prescribing clear aligners. For instance, all of our Straight28™ clear aligners are made using the latest in CAD-CAM manufacturing, scanning and 3D printing technology. The result is a series of aligners that produce predictable results proving an improved patient experience and higher yields for the practice.

Smart Designs became involved with clear aligners nearly 2 decades ago, and after testing all available materials and techniques is now one of the largest manufactures in the US. We are able to reduce our fees by keeping each step of the process in-house and ensuring great customer service from start to finish.  Our staff Doctor was first Invisalign certified in 1999 and follows every incoming case through to ensure great quality control.

There are many Doctors who either never became “certified” so never offered this as an option to their patients, or have stopped recommending clear aligner therapy because it is cost-prohibitive.

There are several advantages Smart Designs offers its clients that other labs don’t:

  • We accept quality full arch PVS impressions or scans from ANY intraoral scanner.
  • Our fees are ¼ – ½ for an entire case compared to the 1st generation companies.
  • We keep it simple by only offering three case categories: 1-7 aligners, 8-20 aligners, and 21+ aligners.  Our fees are solely based on the number of aligners the patient requires to complete the case.
  • A staff Doctor who reviews all cases and maintains quality control of aligner manufacturing in our lab
  • For Doctors with little or no clear aligner experience or just want advice to see if a particular patient is a candidate, our Doctor is happy to consult with you.
  • A Retainers for Life Program, that will allow us to fabricate aligners for patients who have completed treatment with you whenever they need one in the future at no additional cost.
  • An Insurance Program, where if the patient requires additional aligners to fine-tune their movements or have not been compliant with wearing them, we will make new aligners for the patient from new impressions or scans.
  • Our custom brand is Straight28™, but we are the ONLY lab that will apply your logo or branding to the sealed aligner packaging along with the patient name, aligner number, etc.  This particular service has proven very popular with dentists we service all over the world.

Our technicians help you improve your patient’s tooth positioning by creating the series aligners using proprietary software to increase the accuracy and predictability of each aligner resulting in an appliance set that will produce the expected results in the forecasted time frame. Our Straight28™ aligners come complete with an attachment template and IPR guide when necessary. The turn-around time for Straight28™ is two weeks from the moment your digital files or impressions are received.  Contact us today for a fee schedule and to discuss how we can start your office with Straight28™ today!

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