What are Clear Aligners?

Historically, dentists had limited options to present their patients who wanted to correct the cosmetic appearance of their teeth without performing restorative dentistry with crowns or veneers. Because of this, they would often recommend an orthodontist who offers traditional braces. The good news for modern dentists is they now have several cosmetic solutions to offer — and practices that partner with Smart Designs can gain an edge over the competition because we use the latest in CAD-CAM manufacturing, scanning, and 3D printing to fabricate our Straight28™ orthodontic aligners.

How do Clear Aligners Work?

Clear aligners look similar to whitening trays and they are made from clear, medical-grade plastic. They fit perfectly over the teeth and are nearly invisible, especially when compared to traditional braces. While braces apply force to gradually shift teeth into place, aligners by slowly pushing teeth into the ideal position using a series of plastic aligners created based on the initial impressions or intraoral scans.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

The biggest advantage clear aligners have over traditional braces is its cosmetic appearance. Aside from that, clear aligners offer other benefits, most notably is the ability the remove for eating and cleaning. Brushing with traditional braces can be difficult, but because clear aligners can be removed, cleaning becomes much easier.  

How Can Smart Designs Help?

The team at Smart Designs Dental Lab has been working with clear aligner technology for nearly two decades. Not only do we provide the most advanced technology and materials available, but we are also able to reduce fees by keeping the process completely in-house. Other advantages include:

  • We accept any PVS impression or scans from any intraoral scanner
  • Fees are only based on the number of aligners the patient requires
  • Our Staff Dentist is available to consult for dentists will no to little experience with clear aligners
  • Retainers for Life program (please inquire)

Smart Design’s custom brand Straight28™clear aligners offer predictable results and ultimate patient comfort. We are also able to apply your logo or branding to the packaging along with patient name, aligner number, etc. Click here to learn more about Straight28™. You can also email [email protected] or call (678) 221-4720 to speak with a member of the Smart Designs Dental Lab team.