Portrait of smiling co-workers in a line with arms crossed in dental clinic
"makes sure things are done right...."

“Hands down best customer service. Everyone is always friendly and helpful! When problems arise like they always do in dentistry, their team makes sure things are done right and your patient is taken care of. Thanks so much for the help on the case!”

Dr. Richards / February, 2022

Smiling older senior female doctor wearing medical coat
"dental work look and function amazing..."

“Smart Designs Dental Lab always produce state-of-the-art products with the BEST customer care. I have grown with them over the past two years I’ve now perfected my crown and bridge techniques, making my dental work look and function amazing!”

Dr. Salina / January, 2022

Headshot portrait of smiling young male GP or physician
"Reliable, friendly, and patient-focused..."

“Short turnaround times and consistent punctuality are hallmarks which I’ve greatly appreciated with their dental lab. They’re reliable, friendly, and patient-focused in all that they do. Five stars for Smart Designs Dental Lab.”

Dr. Whilden / March, 2022

Head shot portrait smiling mixed race female doctor
"receptive to my concerns..."

“I highly recommend Smart Designs Dental Lab. They are a wonderful business partner. hey produce incredible prosthetic, cosmetic, and restorative results. Their technicians are always quick to respond and receptive to my concerns. Thank you for all that you do!”

Dr. Frost / November, 2021


As a company that started in the lab of a dental office, we understand how frustrating chairside adjustments can be during seating appointments. That is why we were founded on one goal: precision. We employ a completely digital production line, allowing us to produce very accurate prosthetics with the best materials available. As a result, we provide predictable results allowing you to provide patients with high quality products that feel and look as good as they fit.

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